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Superhero Name Ideas: These fantasy super-hero names evoke power, mystique, and extraordinary abilities, each with a unique theme or elemental focus. They are poised to embark on thrilling adventures and protect the world from evil forces, leaving their mark on the annals of heroism.

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List of Popular Superhero Names

  1. 1. Aurelia the Radiant (Era: Medieval) - Aurelia means "golden" or "dawn" in Latin. As the Radiant, she possesses the power to emit blinding light and inspire hope in the hearts of the oppressed.

  2. 2. Drakon the Shadowborn (Era: Dark Ages) - Drakon signifies "dragon" in ancient Greek. The Shadowborn is a master of stealth and darkness, able to manipulate shadows and strike fear into the hearts of villains.

  3. 3. Ignatius the Inferno (Era: Renaissance) - Ignatius is derived from the Latin word for "fire." As the Inferno, he controls and channels flames with extraordinary precision, using them as weapons or tools to protect the innocent.

  4. 4. Seraphina the Serenade (Era: Victorian) - Seraphina comes from the Hebrew word for "burning ones" or "seraphim." The Serenade possesses a mesmerizing voice that can heal, enchant, or even command the elements.

  5. 5. Orion the Stellar Guardian (Era: Space Age) - Orion refers to a prominent constellation in Greek mythology. The Stellar Guardian wields cosmic energy, protecting the galaxy from interstellar threats and maintaining peace.

  6. 6. Valkyria the Valkyrie (Era: Norse Mythology) - Valkyria is a name derived from the legendary Norse warrior maidens. As a Valkyrie, she possesses superhuman strength, agility, and the ability to fly, chosen to guide fallen heroes to the afterlife.

  7. 7. Zephyr the Windwalker (Era: Ancient Greece) - Zephyr represents the gentle west wind in Greek mythology. The Windwalker has command over air currents, granting the ability to soar through the sky and manipulate winds to their advantage.

  8. 8. Astrid the Moonlight Sentinel (Era: Modern) - Astrid means "divinely beautiful" in Old Norse. As the Moonlight Sentinel, she harnesses lunar energy to enhance her physical abilities, making her a formidable guardian of justice.

  9. 9. Thorn the Nature's Wrath (Era: Renaissance) - Thorn symbolizes nature's defensive and retaliatory forces. Nature's Wrath can communicate with flora and fauna, manipulate plant life, and summon the fury of the elements to protect the environment.

  10. 10. Solarius the Sunfire (Era: Ancient Egypt) - Solarius combines "sol," meaning "sun" in Latin, with "arius," indicating a connection. The Sunfire can channel solar energy, radiating intense heat, and unleashing powerful blasts of sunlight.

  11. 11. Lyra the Dreamweaver (Era: Victorian) - Lyra is named after the constellation representing the lyre of Orpheus in Greek mythology. The Dreamweaver can manipulate dreams, entering the subconscious realm and altering perceptions.

  12. 12. Ajax the Titanforged (Era: Mythical Greece) - Ajax refers to a mythological Greek hero renowned for his strength. The Titanforged possesses incredible physical might, allowing him to face down the most formidable opponents.

  13. 13. Nova the Celestial Empress (Era: Futuristic) - Nova signifies a star that suddenly increases in brightness. The Celestial Empress commands cosmic energy and can unleash devastating stellar explosions.

  14. 14. Ember the Emberheart (Era: Medieval) - Ember represents a glowing piece of coal or wood. The Emberheart has control over fire and can manipulate flames with precision, utilizing them as both weapons and a source of warmth and comfort.

  15. 15. Luna the Nightblade (Era: Renaissance) - Luna translates to "moon" in Latin. The Nightblade wields moonlight as a weapon, moving with extraordinary grace and harnessing the darkness to strike swiftly and silently.

  16. 16. Magnus the Arcane Guardian (Era: Victorian) - Magnus means "great" or "mighty" in Latin. The Arcane Guardian is a master of mystical forces, using powerful spells and ancient artifacts to defend the realms from supernatural threats.

  17. 17. Serpentina the Serpent Queen (Era: Ancient Egypt) - Serpentina embodies the power and allure of serpents. As the Serpent Queen, she possesses the ability to transform into a snake and commands venomous attacks and hypnotic manipulation.

  18. 18. Aurora the Dawnbringer (Era: Medieval) - Aurora signifies the beautiful lights that appear in the sky before sunrise. The Dawnbringer harnesses the power of the dawn, radiating light and dispelling darkness wherever she goes.

  19. 19. Tempest the Stormbringer (Era: Renaissance) - Tempest represents a violent storm. The Stormbringer can summon and control lightning, thunder, and wind, unleashing devastating storms to vanquish her foes.

  20. 20. Phoenix the Immortal (Era: Mythical) - Phoenix refers to a mythical bird reborn from its own ashes. The Immortal possesses the power of resurrection, rising anew from the flames and harnessing fire for both defense and destruction.

Fantasy Superhero Names

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Unique Superhero Names

Unique Superhero Names

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Get the unique Superhero names Ideas list with Include the meaning and era, we believe that the best name can make all the difference.

Unique Superhero Name List with Means

  1. The Illuminator - A superhero with the power to manipulate light and illuminate the truth. Era: Modern.

  2. Nova Strike - A powerful cosmic hero who harnesses the energy of stars. Era: Futuristic.

  3. Shadowblade - A stealthy vigilante skilled in using shadows as weapons. Era: Contemporary.

  4. Eternal Sentinel - A timeless defender of justice with immortality and extraordinary powers. Era: Ancient and Modern.

  5. Solaris - A sun-powered superhero with the ability to emit intense solar energy. Era: Modern.

  6. Midnight Raven - A mysterious hero who controls darkness and possesses keen senses. Era: Gothic.

  7. Quantum Flux - A superhero capable of manipulating quantum physics to alter reality. Era: Futuristic.

  8. Phoenix Fury - A fiery avenger with the power of resurrection and pyrokinesis. Era: Mythological and Modern.

  9. Silver Serpent - A master of serpentine abilities, capable of shape-shifting and venomous attacks. Era: Contemporary.

  10. Thunderstorm - A weather-controlling hero who commands thunder and lightning. Era: Modern.

  11. Blade Guardian - A skilled warrior armed with enchanted blades and impenetrable armor. Era: Medieval and Modern.

  12. Chaos Bringer - A powerful being able to manipulate chaos energy for creation or destruction. Era: Ancient and Modern.

  13. Scarlet Cyclone - A speedster hero who generates cyclones and possesses superhuman agility. Era: Modern.

  14. Dragonheart - A hero with the soul of a dragon, capable of breathing fire and flight. Era: Fantasy and Modern.

  15. Aegis Shield - A defender equipped with an indestructible shield and unyielding determination. Era: Ancient and Modern.

  16. Psylocke - A telepathic and telekinetic hero skilled in martial arts and psychic combat. Era: Modern.

  17. Atomic Blitz - A hero who harnesses atomic energy for superhuman strength and speed. Era: Modern.

  18. Moonstrider - A lunar-powered hero with the ability to manipulate moonlight and gravity. Era: Contemporary and Modern.

  19. Vortex Vanguard - A dimensional traveler who controls vortexes and protects the multiverse. Era: Futuristic.

  20. Blackthorn - A vigilante skilled in archery and stealth, with a dark and tragic past. Era: Medieval and Modern.

  21. Velocity - A speedster hero who can move at incredible velocities and alter time perception. Era: Modern.

  22. Nightshade - A shadowy hero with the power to manipulate darkness and concealment. Era: Gothic and Modern.

  23. Solstice - A hero who controls the power of the seasons, bringing balance and change. Era: Modern.

  24. Chronos - A time-traveling hero who manipulates time and has knowledge of past and future events. Era: Futuristic.

  25. Stormbringer - A weather-controlling hero who can summon storms and harness their destructive power. Era: Contemporary.

  26. Hyperion - A hero with superhuman strength, invulnerability, and the ability to emit powerful energy blasts. Era: Ancient and Modern.

  27. Onyx Sentinel - A warrior clad in living onyx armor, capable of absorbing and redirecting energy. Era: Fantasy and Modern.

  28. Sonic Siren - A sonic-powered hero who uses sound waves as weapons and can emit mesmerizing melodies. Era: Modern.

  29. Starweaver - A celestial hero who manipulates cosmic energy and weaves starlight into protective shields. Era: Futuristic.

  30. Crimson Vengeance - A scarlet-clad avenger driven by vengeance and possessing enhanced strength and agility. Era: Modern.

  31. Ironclad - A hero encased in impenetrable armor, granting superhuman strength and invulnerability. Era: Contemporary and Modern.

  32. Aetheria - A sorceress with mastery over the mystical energy of the ether, capable of reality manipulation. Era: Fantasy and Modern.

  33. Blaze Knight - A hero with the power to generate and control flames, wielding a fiery sword. Era: Medieval and Modern.

  34. Nebula Nova - A cosmic hero who can manipulate nebulous energy and create dazzling light displays. Era: Futuristic.

  35. Shadowstrike - A formidable assassin with the ability to blend into shadows and strike with deadly precision. Era: Contemporary and Modern.

  36. Quantum Specter - A hero who harnesses quantum energy to become intangible and pass through solid objects. Era: Futuristic.

  37. Phoenix Archer - A skilled archer with the power of resurrection and the ability to conjure flaming arrows. Era: Mythological and Modern.

  38. Steel Seraph - A heavenly warrior adorned in shining armor, blessed with extraordinary strength and flight. Era: Medieval and Modern.

  39. Thunderclap - A hero who generates shockwaves and sonic booms with a single mighty clap. Era: Modern.

  40. Bladewind - A dual-wielding warrior who can manipulate the wind, unleashing slicing gusts and whirlwinds. Era: Medieval and Modern.

  41. Nightfall - A hero with the power to control shadows, plunging enemiesinto darkness and disarray. Era: Gothic and Modern.

  42. Stellar Guardian - A cosmic defender who shields the universe from cosmic threats using celestial energy. Era: Futuristic.

  43. Amber Fury - A hero with the ability to manipulate and weaponize amber, trapping foes in its golden grasp. Era: Contemporary and Modern.

  44. Gravity Pulse - A hero who can manipulate gravity, creating powerful shockwaves and altering gravitational forces. Era: Modern.

  45. Lunar Valkyrie - A celestial warrior empowered by the moon, wielding a mystical spear and possessing divine agility. Era: Medieval and Modern.

  46. Neon Blaze - A hero who generates neon energy, using it to create blinding flashes and devastating energy beams. Era: Contemporary and Modern.

  47. Galacticus - A cosmic entity with immeasurable power, capable of traversing galaxies and manipulating cosmic forces. Era: Futuristic.

  48. Scarlet Phantom - A ghostly hero draped in scarlet, capable of phasing through solid objects and harnessing ethereal energy. Era: Gothic and Modern.

  49. Empyrean - A celestial being of pure light and energy, bestowing blessings upon allies and vanquishing darkness. Era: Ancient and Modern.

  50. Silverhawk - A hero with the speed and agility of a hawk, enhanced vision, and razor-sharp silver wings. Era: Futuristic.

  51. Blitzkrieg - A lightning-fast hero who moves at supersonic speeds, leaving a trail of electrifying energy in their wake. Era: Modern.

  52. Voidwalker - A hero who can manipulate the void, creating portals, harnessing dark energy, and traversing dimensions. Era: Contemporary and Modern.

  53. Pyroclasm - A hero capable of manipulating volcanic forces, summoning magma and unleashing devastating pyrokinetic attacks. Era: Contemporary and Modern.

  54. Midnight Specter - A spectral hero shrouded in darkness, able to become intangible, manipulate shadows, and unleash chilling fear. Era: Gothic and Modern.

  55. Cosmic Wanderer - A space-faring hero who explores the cosmos, wields celestial powers, and protects the balance of the universe. Era: Futuristic.

  56. Stargazer - A hero with the ability to read the stars, foreseeing events, and harnessing celestial energy for protection and guidance. Era: Ancient and Modern.

  57. Shadowfire - A hero who controls both darkness and fire, able to manipulate shadows and engulf enemies in fiery infernos. Era: Gothic and Modern.

  58. Quantum Surge - A hero with the power to manipulate quantum energy, generating powerful surges of energy and altering reality. Era: Futuristic.

  59. Blazing Phoenix - A phoenix-themed hero with the ability to control fire and rise from the ashes, reborn with renewed strength. Era: Mythological and Modern.

  60. Adamantium Sentinel - A hero equipped with an indestructible adamantium suit, possessing superhuman strength and durability. Era: Contemporary and Modern.

  61. Soundwave - A hero who can emit and control powerful soundwaves, using them for communication, attack, and defense. Era: Modern.

  62. Starborn - A hero born of celestial origins, channeling stellar energy to wield extraordinary cosmic powers. Era: Futuristic.

  63. Crimson Phantom - A phantom hero cloaked in crimson, capable of intangibility, astral projection, and harnessing ethereal energy. Era: Gothic and Modern.

  64. Iron Sentinel - A hero clad in an advanced iron suit, possessing enhanced strength, flight, and an array of high-tech weaponry. Era: Contemporary and Modern.

  65. Arcane Enchanter - A sorcerer hero who taps into arcane energies, casting spells, and wielding mystical artifacts. Era: Fantasy and Modern.

  66. Blaze Runner - A speedster hero who generates flames, leaving a blazing trail and scorching adversaries in their path. Era: Modern.

  67. Cosmic Oracle - A seer with cosmic insight, capable of unraveling the secrets of the universe and guiding others with wisdom. Era: Ancient and Modern.

  68. Stormchaser - A hero who harnesses the power of storms, controlling wind, rain, and lightning to unleash devastating tempests. Era: Contemporary.

  69. Hypernova - A hero with the ability to generate and manipulate intense bursts of cosmic energy, causing explosive cosmic reactions. Era: Futuristic.

  70. Onyx Thorn - A hero who commands the powers of living onyx thorns, capable of piercing defenses and draining energy. Era: Fantasy and Modern.

  71. Sonic Shifter - A hero with the power to manipulate sound waves and alter their frequency, allowing for sonic attacks and shape-shifting. Era: Modern.

  72. Starshaper - A hero who molds and shapes cosmic energy, creating stars, forming constellations, and manipulating celestial matter. Era: Futuristic.

  73. Crimson Avenger - A crimson-clad avenger armed with enhanced strength, agility, and a formidable arsenal of weapons. Era: Modern.

  74. Iron Titan - A hero clad in impenetrable iron armor, possessing incredible strength, endurance, and the ability to withstand extreme conditions. Era: Contemporary and Modern.

  75. Astral Muse - A hero who taps into the astral plane, gaining psychic abilities and inspiring others through mystical artistry. Era: Fantasy and Modern.

  76. Blade Pyrokinetic - A hero who wields flaming blades and controls fire, using them to devastating effect in combat. Era: Contemporary and Modern.

  77. Stellar Sentinel - A celestial guardian empowered by the stars, possessing heightened senses, cosmic energy manipulation, and flight. Era: Futuristic.

  78. Tempest - A hero who commands the power of storms and tempests, conjuring destructive winds, rain, and lightning. Era: Modern.

  79. Whirlwind - A hero who can generate and control powerful whirlwinds, using them for offense, defense, and transportation. Era: Modern.

  80. Nightshade Enigma - A mysterious hero with shadow manipulation abilities, skilled in espionage and uncovering secrets. Era: Gothic and Modern.

  81. Luminara - A radiant hero who emits blinding light, possessing the ability to heal, purify, and blind adversaries. Era: Ancient and Modern.

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Cool Superhero Names

Cool Superhero Names

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Get the cool Superhero names Ideas list with Include the meaning and era, we believe that the best name can make all the difference.

Cool Superhero Name List with Means

  1. The Crimson Falcon - Meaning: A fierce and vigilant hero with unmatched speed and agility. Era: Modern.

  2. The Shadow Blade - Meaning: A master of stealth and combat, wielding a blade that cuts through darkness. Era: Contemporary.

  3. Ironclad - Meaning: A hero with impenetrable armor, invulnerable to attacks. Era: Industrial Age.

  4. Emberstrike - Meaning: A fiery hero who harnesses the power of flames to defeat evil. Era: Futuristic.

  5. The Thunderstorm - Meaning: A superhero capable of summoning and controlling lightning and storms. Era: Modern.

  6. Gravity Guardian - Meaning: A hero with the ability to manipulate gravity, granting flight and extraordinary strength. Era: Contemporary.

  7. Silver Serpent - Meaning: A sleek and agile hero, with powers resembling a mythical serpent. Era: Renaissance.

  8. Phantom Fury - Meaning: A spectral hero who harnesses the power of the afterlife to dispense justice. Era: Modern.

  9. The Diamond Hawk - Meaning: A hero with diamond-hard feathers and keen senses, soaring high above to protect the innocent. Era: Contemporary.

  10. Blaze Nova - Meaning: A hero who commands cosmic fire, capable of incinerating anything in its path. Era: Futuristic.

  11. Shadowstrike - Meaning: A master of shadows and hand-to-hand combat, striking fear into the hearts of villains. Era: Modern.

  12. The Sentinel - Meaning: A hero with heightened senses and extraordinary perception, always vigilant against danger. Era: Contemporary.

  13. Omega Force - Meaning: A hero with limitless power and abilities, capable of altering reality. Era: Modern.

  14. Starflare - Meaning: A celestial hero who harnesses the energy of stars to protect the cosmos. Era: Futuristic.

  15. Blitzkrieg - Meaning: A lightning-fast hero who overwhelms enemies with rapid strikes. Era: World War II.

  16. Nightshade - Meaning: A hero who can manipulate shadows, using them as weapons and cover. Era: Modern.

  17. The Crimson Dragon - Meaning: A hero with the powers and ferocity of a mighty dragon, capable of breathing fire. Era: Renaissance.

  18. Nebula Knight - Meaning: A hero adorned in armor infused with the power of stars, defending the galaxy. Era: Futuristic.

  19. Blaze Runner - Meaning: A hero with superhuman speed and agility, leaving a trail of flames in their wake. Era: Modern.

  20. The Shieldmaiden - Meaning: A warrior-heroine armed with an indestructible shield, protecting the innocent. Era: Ancient.

  21. Apex - Meaning: A hero with peak human abilities in strength, agility, and intelligence. Era: Contemporary.

  22. Phoenix Fury - Meaning: A hero who rises from the ashes, embodying rebirth and destruction. Era: Modern.

  23. Midnight Specter - Meaning: A hero who lurks in the darkness, striking fear into the hearts of criminals. Era: Modern.

  24. The Granite Goliath - Meaning: A hero with immeasurable strength and invulnerability, as solid as granite. Era: Industrial Age.

  25. Electra - Meaning: A superheroine with the power to control and generate electricity. Era: Modern.

  26. Omega Phoenix - Meaning: A hero with incredible power and the ability to manipulate cosmic fire. Era: Futuristic.

  27. Voidwalker - Meaning: A hero who traverses the void between dimensions, wielding otherworldly powers. Era: Contemporary.

  28. The Scarlet Archer - Meaning: A master archer and marksman, clad in scarlet and unparalleled accuracy. Era: Renaissance.

  29. Stormbringer - Meaning: A hero who commands the elements, summoning devastating storms and lightning. Era: Modern.

  30. Shadowdancer - Meaning: A hero who blends with the shadows, capable of stunning acrobatics and surprise attacks. Era: Modern.

  31. The Iron Guardian - Meaning: A hero encased in indestructible iron armor, defending the innocent. Era: Industrial Age.

  32. Lunar Knight - Meaning: A hero empowered by the moon, wielding lunar energy and enhanced abilities. Era: Futuristic.

  33. Nova Blast - Meaning: A hero with explosive energy powers, capable of unleashing devastating blasts. Era: Modern.

  34. Specter Shade - Meaning: A hero who controls and manipulates shadows, phasing through objects and striking unseen. Era: Contemporary.

  35. The Amethyst Avenger - Meaning: A hero adorned in amethyst, with enhanced strength and psychic abilities. Era: Renaissance.

  36. Quantum Knight - Meaning: A hero who can manipulate time and space, bending reality to their will. Era: Futuristic.

  37. Blazing Fury - Meaning: A hero with intense fire powers, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Era: Modern.

  38. The Steel Valkyrie - Meaning: A warrior-heroine with impenetrable steel armor, protecting the innocent. Era: Industrial Age.

  39. Chronos - Meaning: A hero with control over time, able to speed it up, slow it down, or even travel through it. Era(cont.) : Futuristic.

  40. Psyblade - Meaning: A hero who wields a psychic blade, capable of cutting through physical and mental barriers. Era: Modern.

  41. The Ruby Raven - Meaning: A hero with the powers of a raven, including flight, heightened senses, and dark magic. Era: Renaissance.

  42. Quicksilver - Meaning: A hero with superhuman speed, able to move and react at incredible velocities. Era: Modern.

  43. The Obsidian Phoenix - Meaning: A hero who rises from obsidian ashes, embodying resilience and transformation. Era: Contemporary.

  44. Shade Striker - Meaning: A hero who strikes swiftly from the shadows, vanishing as quickly as they appear. Era: Modern.

  45. The Iron Colossus - Meaning: A hero of immense size and strength, clad in unbreakable iron armor. Era: Industrial Age.

  46. Stellaris - Meaning: A hero with the power of stars, radiating cosmic energy and illuminating darkness. Era: Futuristic.

  47. Neon Blitz - Meaning: A hero who harnesses the power of neon light, moving at blinding speeds. Era: Modern.

  48. The Crystal Guardian - Meaning: A hero with crystalline powers, able to manipulate and shape gems into weapons. Era: Contemporary.

  49. Astral Sentinel - Meaning: A hero who can project their consciousness into the astral plane, perceiving and affecting events. Era: Modern.

  50. The Sapphire Archer - Meaning: A master archer and marksman, clad in sapphire and possessing unparalleled accuracy. Era: Renaissance.

  51. Tempest - Meaning: A hero who commands the forces of nature, summoning storms, winds, and tidal waves. Era: Modern.

  52. Nightwraith - Meaning: A hero who strikes fear into the hearts of criminals, haunting the night with their presence. Era: Modern.

  53. The Adamantium Titan - Meaning: A hero with an indestructible adamantium exoskeleton, possessing unmatched strength. Era: Industrial Age.

  54. Electra Nova - Meaning: A superheroine who harnesses the power of electricity and cosmic energy. Era: Futuristic.

  55. Shadow Weaver - Meaning: A hero who can manipulate shadows, weaving them into weapons and illusions. Era: Modern.

  56. The Bronze Centurion - Meaning: A hero with a suit of impenetrable bronze armor, defending justice. Era: Ancient.

  57. Luminara - Meaning: A hero who emits blinding light, capable of disorienting foes and illuminating darkness. Era: Futuristic.

  58. Pyroclasm - Meaning: A hero with volcanic powers, summoning magma and unleashing devastating eruptions. Era: Modern.

  59. The Iron Valkyrie - Meaning: A warrior-heroine clad in iron armor, defending the innocent with unmatched prowess. Era: Industrial Age.

  60. Chaos Sorcerer - Meaning: A hero who wields the chaotic forces of magic, bending reality and disrupting order. Era: Renaissance.

  61. Temporal Guardian - Meaning: A hero tasked with protecting the time-stream, preserving the past and shaping the future. Era: Futuristic.

  62. The Inferno Knight - Meaning: A hero who channels the power of infernal flames, donning enchanted armor. Era: Medieval.

  63. Phantom Shadow - Meaning: A hero who melds with darkness, becoming an intangible specter capable of ghostly feats. Era: Contemporary.

  64. The Jade Dragon - Meaning: A hero with the power and wisdom of a mystical jade dragon, protecting the innocent. Era: Ancient.

  65. Quantum Burst - Meaning: A hero who manipulates quantum energy, releasing explosive bursts of power. Era: Futuristic.

  66. The Scarlet Blaze - Meaning: A hero who controls and embodies the power of scarlet flames, burning away evil. Era: Modern.

  67. Steel Sentinel - Meaning: A hero with impenetrable steel armor, serving as an unwavering guardian of justice. Era: Industrial Age.

  68. Spiritwalker - Meaning: A hero who can project their spirit outside their body, traversing the spirit realm. Era: Contemporary.

  69. The Obsidian Raven - Meaning: A hero with the powers of a raven, including flight, dark magic, and enhanced senses. Era: Renaissance.

  70. Sonic Boom - Meaning: A hero with the ability to generate and manipulate sonic waves, causing devastating shockwaves. Era: Modern.

  71. The Ruby Shadow - Meaning: A hero who can control and manipulate shadows, imbued with the power of rubies. Era: Contemporary.

  72. The Brass Colossus - Meaning: A hero of immense size and strength, encased in unbreakable brass armor. Era: Industrial Age.

  73. Stardust - Meaning: A hero made of stardust, capable of flight and emitting cosmic energy. Era: Futuristic.

  74. Hyperion - Meaning: A hero with superhuman strength, durability, and flight, embodying the power of the sun. Era: Modern.

  75. Phantom Fist - Meaning: A hero who can manifest ethereal fists, capable of phasing through objects and delivering powerful blows. Era: Contemporary.

  76. The Ivory Templar - Meaning: A hero of noble lineage, clad in ivory armor, and wielding a sacred sword. Era: Medieval.

  77. Nova Wave - Meaning: A hero who controls and harnesses the power of cosmic energy, releasing it in devastating waves. Era: Fut(cont.) uristic.

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Fantasy Superhero Names

Fantasy Superhero Names

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Get the fantasy Superhero names Ideas list with Include the meaning and era, we believe that the best name can make all the difference.

Fantasy Superhero Name List with Means

  1. Aetherion (Era: Cosmic Age) - A powerful being harnessing the elemental energy of the cosmos.

  2. Shadowcaster (Era: Dark Renaissance) - A master of shadows and illusions, using them to fight evil.

  3. Chronomancer (Era: Steampunk Era) - Capable of manipulating time and altering the course of events.

  4. Luminara (Era: Age of Illumination) - A radiant heroine with the ability to control light.

  5. Ironclad (Era: Industrial Revolution) - Clad in indestructible metal armor, defending the weak.

  6. Stormbringer (Era: Elemental Awakening) - Commanding the fury of storms to bring justice.

  7. Emberheart (Era: Emberfall) - With a heart ablaze, this hero wields the power of fire.

  8. Moonshadow (Era: Lunar Eclipse) - A stealthy hero born under a mysterious moon.

  9. Celestia (Era: Age of Divinity) - Possessing divine powers and celestial grace.

  10. Nightstrike (Era: Victorian Era) - Striking fear into the hearts of criminals under the cover of night.

  11. Verdantia (Era: Nature's Awakening) - Guardian of the lush forests, in tune with flora and fauna.

  12. Frostfire (Era: Frozen Age) - Harnessing both icy and fiery powers, a balance between extremes.

  13. Technomagus (Era: Cybernetic Revolution) - Melding magic and technology, pushing the boundaries of innovation.

  14. Starweaver (Era: Celestial Serenity) - Crafting spells from starlight, weaving the fabric of destiny.

  15. Stoneheart (Era: Ancient Civilization) - Carved from ancient stone, with an unyielding spirit.

  16. Nebulae (Era: Interstellar Travels) - Roaming the galaxies, drawing power from nebulous wonders.

  17. Silver Seraph (Era: Medieval Legends) - A seraphic avenger, shining with silver divine light.

  18. Solarflare (Era: Solar Ascendancy) - Embodying the intensity of the sun, incinerating evil.

  19. Drakonius (Era: Age of Dragons) - A dragon-human hybrid, commanding draconic might.

  20. Galaxia (Era: Space Odyssey) - Protector of the cosmos, a beacon of hope among the stars.

  21. Phantomstrike (Era: Victorian Spectre) - A specter of justice, phasing through reality to strike down villains.

  22. Pyroclasm (Era: Eruption Era) - Controlling volcanic eruptions and molten fury.

  23. Winddancer (Era: Skyward Renaissance) - Dancing through the skies, manipulating winds to aid allies.

  24. Arcane Sentinel (Era: Mage's Ascendancy) - A guardian of mystical knowledge, protecting ancient tomes.

  25. Bladewind (Era: Samurai Legends) - A master of the blade and the wind, swift and deadly.

  26. Aquatica (Era: Atlantis Revived) - Hailing from the depths, controlling water's ebb and flow.

  27. Marsquake (Era: Martian Conquest) - Linked to Mars, causing seismic upheavals.

  28. Arachnia (Era: Web of Fates) - Weaving destiny's threads, possessing spider-like abilities.

  29. Thunderstrike (Era: Viking Valor) - A mighty warrior invoking thunderous might in battle.

  30. Oracle Eye (Era: Ancient Prophecy) - Seeing into the future, guiding heroes on their quest.

  31. Riftwalker (Era: Interdimensional Nexus) - Navigating through rifts between worlds, protecting the multiverse.

  32. Blazeclaw (Era: Fiery Reign) - A fierce feline-humanoid with claws ablaze.

  33. Spiritforged (Era: Soulbound Era) - Forged from ancient spirits, wielding ethereal powers.

  34. Eclipse (Era: Celestial Eclipse) - Harnessing both lunar and solar energy, causing breathtaking eclipses.

  35. Bio-Cypher (Era: Biomechanical Age) - A blend of biology and technology, capable of morphing.

  36. Wildheart (Era: Untamed Wilderness) - A connection to nature, communicating with animals and plants.

  37. Nimbus (Era: Skyward Uprising) - A being of pure cloud energy, floating among the heavens.

  38. Arcanum (Era: Lost Arcana) - The embodiment of lost magical knowledge, possessing great secrets.

  39. Bladestorm (Era: Samurai Thunderstorm) - Whirling blades and thunderous fury, a force to be reckoned with.

  40. Aquilon (Era: Marine Enigma) - Shrouded in mystery, controlling the winds and the tides.

  41. Starcaller (Era: Celestial Prophecy) - A gifted stargazer, calling upon cosmic entities for aid.

  42. Crystalis (Era: Crystal Age) - A crystalline entity, manipulating gemstone powers.

  43. Vortex (Era: Time Vortex) - A temporal traveler, harnessing the power of time eddies.

  44. Nightmare (Era: Dreamwalker's Realm) - Delving into dreams, shaping both dreams and nightmares.

  45. Tempestwielder (Era: Stormlord Era) - The master of tempests, summoning devastating storms.

  46. Enigmancer (Era: Age of Enigmas) - A mysterious magician, casting enigmatic spells.

  47. Shinigami (Era: Edo Spirit Realm) - A death deity, guiding souls to the afterlife.

  48. Gravity Knight (Era: Gravitational Shift) - Manipulating gravity, soaring and crushing foes alike.

  49. Druidessence (Era: Druidic Era) - A living embodiment of nature's essence, channeling its power.

  50. Lunarion (Era: Moonlit Dominion) - A being blessed by the moon, with lunar-based abilities.

  51. Neuroshifter (Era: Digital Mindmeld) - Merging with the digital realm, controlling minds and information.

  52. Thornweaver (Era: Thorned Enclave) - Wielding thorny vines and flora, connected to the wilderness.

  53. Darkmatter (Era: Dark Nebula) - Utilizing dark energy, leaving foes in eternal darkness.

  54. Elysian (Era: Divine Realms) - Blessed by the gods, with divine grace and power.

  55. Whispersong (Era: Era of Echos) - A bardic hero, whose songs can shape reality.

  56. Magmarion (Era: Molten Dynasty) - A fire elemental, reigning over volcanic territories.

  57. Aeroverse (Era: Aero-techno Revolution) - Master of aerodynamics, defying gravity with advanced tech.

  58. Stellaris (Era: Stellar Age) - Linked to distant stars, radiating cosmic energy.

  59. Chaosmancer (Era: Chaotic Nexus) - A sorcerer of chaos, bending reality to their will.

  60. Stormcrow (Era: Skyward Sovereigns) - A weather manipulator, resembling an enigmatic crow.

  61. Necroblade (Era: Dark Revenant) - A warrior wielding a blade infused with the power of the undead.

  62. Mechanus (Era: Age of Cogs) - Fusing magic and machinery, creating clockwork marvels.

  63. Thundersong (Era: Sonic Stormfront) - Combining sound and electricity, wielding a symphony of power.

  64. Hydralith (Era: Oceanic Empires) - Born of the sea, controlling water in all its forms.

  65. Cosmicus (Era: Astral Confluence) - A cosmic entity, transcending space and time.

  66. Shapeshifter (Era: Morphic Renaissance) - Capable of changing form at will, adapting to any situation.

  67. Woodland Warden (Era: Sylvan Protectorate) - Guardian of the ancient woods, with power over flora.

  68. Voidbringer (Era: Voidwalker Epoch) - Tapping into the void, wielding dark and mysterious forces.

  69. Ascendant (Era: Age of Ascendancy) - A hero ascending to godhood, wielding divine power.

  70. Timeless (Era: Temporal Anomaly) - Outside the confines of time, a timeless protector.

  71. Pyralis (Era: Flame Reckoning) - An enflamed warrior, bringing fiery reckoning to foes.

  72. Aeromancer (Era: Skyward Awakening) - A master of wind magic, soaring through the heavens.

  73. Celestial Scribe (Era: Astral Chronicles) - A cosmic chronicler, recording the histories of the stars.

  74. Geomancer (Era: Earthbound Aegis) - Shaping the earth, summoning mountains and causing quakes.

  75. Duskmancer (Era: Twilight Nexus) - Harnessing the power of twilight, both light and dark.

  76. Soulreaver (Era: Soulbound Exodus) - A being that feeds on the souls of evildoers.

  77. Mirage (Era: Mirage Realm) - Manipulating illusions and bending reality.

  78. Lavalorn (Era: Fire and Ice Convergence) - Born of lava and ice, a balance of extremes.

  79. Chronosworn (Era: Timeless Oath) - Bound by a timeless oath, guarding the balance of time.

  80. Nimblefire (Era: Sparkling Springs) - Agile and fiery, darting through battles with grace.

  81. Galatea (Era: Sculptor's Revelation) - A living statue, given life and fighting to protect the innocent.

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Cute Superhero Names

Cute Superhero Names

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Get the cute Superhero names Ideas list with Include the meaning and era, we believe that the best name can make all the difference.

Cute Superhero Name List with Means

  1. Bubblegum Girl (Era: Modern) - She can blow bubblegum that turns into various helpful objects.

  2. Tiny Titan (Era: Silver Age) - Despite being small, he possesses immense strength and courage.

  3. Cuddlebug (Era: Contemporary) - Her superpower is spreading love and joy through cuddles.

  4. Sparkle Sprite (Era: Golden Age) - A glittering hero with magical abilities to spread happiness.

  5. Mini Marvel (Era: Modern) - A small hero with big powers, inspired by technology.

  6. Butterfly Dreamer (Era: Contemporary) - She can bring people's dreams to life with butterfly magic.

  7. Dandy Doodle (Era: Silver Age) - A hero with the ability to bring drawings to life.

  8. Sweet Serenade (Era: Modern) - She uses the power of music to defeat villains.

  9. Adorabull (Era: Golden Age) - A bull-like hero who is incredibly adorable and strong.

  10. Charmcaster (Era: Contemporary) - A hero with charming abilities that influence emotions.

  11. Cosmic Cuddle (Era: Silver Age) - A hero with cosmic powers, spreading love throughout the universe.

  12. Lil' Lightning (Era: Modern) - She can control and manipulate lightning with precision.

  13. Wonder Whiskers (Era: Golden Age) - A feline-inspired hero with enhanced senses and agility.

  14. Dimplesaur (Era: Contemporary) - A hero with dinosaur-like abilities and an infectious smile.

  15. Starlet Spark (Era: Modern) - She can create beautiful star-like sparks and lights.

  16. Happy Herald (Era: Golden Age) - A joyful hero who spreads good news and positivity.

  17. Pixie Paws (Era: Contemporary) - A hero with the power of animal communication and agility.

  18. Button Blast (Era: Silver Age) - He can shoot powerful energy blasts from his buttons.

  19. Smiley Specter (Era: Modern) - A ghostly hero who brings happiness to haunted places.

  20. Baby Blazer (Era: Golden Age) - A cute hero with the ability to shoot mini fireblasts.

  21. Glimmer Gazer (Era: Contemporary) - She can see glimpses of the future through her sparkling eyes.

  22. Bubblebeam (Era: Silver Age) - A hero who shoots powerful bubbles to immobilize foes.

  23. Candy Caster (Era: Modern) - She can create and control candy-based constructs.

  24. Breezy Belle (Era: Golden Age) - A wind-controlling hero with a pleasant and calming presence.

  25. Mini Magician (Era: Contemporary) - A young hero with incredible stage magic and illusions.

  26. Choco-Charm (Era: Modern) - She has the power to manipulate chocolate and its flavors.

  27. Pint-Sized Protector (Era: Silver Age) - Despite being small, he's a formidable protector.

  28. Rainbow Rider (Era: Golden Age) - A hero who can surf on rainbows and spread colorful joy.

  29. Sunny Spark (Era: Contemporary) - She draws power from the sun to emit bright sparks.

  30. Peekaboo (Era: Modern) - A hero with the ability to teleport in and out of shadows.

  31. Wonder Wiggle (Era: Silver Age) - She can control her body's flexibility to extraordinary levels.

  32. Snugglesworth (Era: Golden Age) - A hero whose cuddles can heal and comfort others.

  33. Flora Flicker (Era: Contemporary) - She has power over plant life and can make it glow.

  34. Magic Munchkin (Era: Modern) - A short hero with immense magical abilities.

  35. Enchanting Ember (Era: Golden Age) - She controls mystical embers and fire spells.

  36. Puppy Power (Era: Silver Age) - A hero with loyal canine companions and dog-like abilities.

  37. Twinkle Toes (Era: Contemporary) - She can dance with grace and create dazzling effects.

  38. Smudge (Era: Modern) - A hero who can blend into shadows and use stealth.

  39. Daisy Daydream (Era: Golden Age) - She can bring daydreams to life with daisy magic.

  40. Mitey (Era: Silver Age) - A tiny hero with incredible strength and courage.

  41. Wondrous Whirl (Era: Contemporary) - She can create whirlwinds with a wave of her hand.

  42. Cheer Chirper (Era: Modern) - A hero who spreads cheer and optimism with her singing.

  43. Mini-Meteor (Era: Golden Age) - A hero with meteor-like speed and impact.

  44. Starshine Sprout (Era: Silver Age) - She can make plants grow and glow with starlight.

  45. Cheery Cherub (Era: Contemporary) - A cherubic hero who brings happiness to the world.

  46. Giggle Gadgeteer (Era: Modern) - A hero who creates gadgets that induce laughter.

  47. Feather Flutter (Era: Golden Age) - She can manipulate feathers and use them as weapons.

  48. Pixie Punch (Era: Silver Age) - A small hero with powerful punches and high speed.

  49. Moonbeam Melody (Era: Contemporary) - She uses her voice to control moonbeams and soundwaves.

  50. Panda Paladin (Era: Modern) - A hero with panda-like abilities and a strong sense of justice.

  51. Smiley Snap (Era: Golden Age) - A hero with the power to create objects by snapping fingers.

  52. Gemstone Glimmer (Era: Silver Age) - She can control gemstones and use them as energy sources.

  53. Laughing Leprechaun (Era: Contemporary) - A lucky hero who brings laughter and good fortune.

  54. Micro Magic (Era: Modern) - A hero with the ability to manipulate tiny objects magically.

  55. Wishing Willow (Era: Golden Age) - She grants wishes to those in need with her enchanted willow.

  56. Snickerdoodle (Era: Silver Age) - A hero who can create explosive cookie-based treats.

  57. Spirit Sprout (Era: Contemporary) - She can communicate with spirits and manipulate ethereal energy.

  58. Honey Hugger (Era: Modern) - A hero who uses the power of honey to heal and protect.

  59. Buzzy Bounce (Era: Golden Age) - He can bounce like a bumblebee, flying and moving quickly.

  60. Angelica Archer (Era: Silver Age) - A heavenly hero who excels in archery and divine protection.

  61. Chuckle Conjurer (Era: Contemporary) - A hero who creates objects and illusions through laughter.

  62. Munchkin Meteorite (Era: Modern) - A tiny hero with the power of meteorites and space-related abilities.

  63. Glitter Guardian (Era: Golden Age) - She uses glittery magic to protect and defend.

  64. Pocket Pixie (Era: Silver Age) - A tiny hero who can shrink down to fit into pockets.

  65. Harmony Heart (Era: Contemporary) - She can heal and strengthen people's hearts with harmony.

  66. Petal Paws (Era: Modern) - A hero with animalistic abilities and control over plant petals.

  67. Choco-Chip Champion (Era: Golden Age) - A hero whose choco-chip cookies grant temporary powers.

  68. Comet Caper (Era: Silver Age) - He can ride comets and uses them as transportation.

  69. Twilight Twinkle (Era: Contemporary) - She can control twilight and use its mysterious power.

  70. Cuddly Critter (Era: Modern) - A hero with the ability to communicate with and summon animals.

  71. Whimsy Wizard (Era: Golden Age) - A hero with whimsical magic and spellcasting.

  72. Breezy Breeze (Era: Silver Age) - She can control the wind and create soothing breezes.

  73. Mighty Mini (Era: Contemporary) - Despite being tiny, she has incredible strength and bravery.

  74. Cherry Cherub (Era: Modern) - A cherub-like hero who can manipulate cherries for various purposes.

  75. Fluffernutter (Era: Golden Age) - A hero who can conjure fluffy and sticky substances.

  76. Starshine Sprite (Era: Silver Age) - She can create dazzling starshine to brighten even the darkest places.

  77. Joy Juggler (Era: Contemporary) - A hero who juggles happiness and brings laughter to all.

  78. Micro Meteor (Era: Modern) - A hero who manipulates small meteors and celestial debris.

  79. Wishing Well (Era: Golden Age) - She can fulfill people's desires and wishes with her magic.

  80. Gigglesnort (Era: Silver Age) - A hero whose infectious giggle can distract and disarm enemies.

  81. Whisper Wisp (Era: Contemporary) - She can turn into a ghostly wisp and move silently.

  82. Sparkle Sprout (Era: Modern) - A hero who can grow and manipulate sparkling plants.

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Funny Superhero Names

Funny Superhero Names

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Get the funny Superhero names Ideas list with Include the meaning and era, we believe that the best name can make all the difference.

Funny Superhero Name List with Means

  1. Doctor Chuckles (Meaning: This jolly hero can heal any ailment with laughter. Era: Modern)

  2. Captain Sarcasm (Meaning: A hero with a sharp tongue, using sarcasm as a superpower. Era: Modern)

  3. The Pun-isher (Meaning: A pun-loving crime-fighter who dishes out justice with witty wordplay. Era: Modern)

  4. Mega Giggle (Meaning: The power of laughter turned into a force against evil. Era: Silver Age)

  5. Professor Chucklestein (Meaning: A scientific genius who creates gadgets that induce laughter. Era: Silver Age)

  6. Agent LOL (Meaning: A secret agent specializing in humor-based espionage. Era: Modern)

  7. The Wit-tastic (Meaning: A hero with unparalleled wit and charm. Era: Golden Age)

  8. Captain Bellylaughs (Meaning: A hero whose laughter is contagious and disarms villains. Era: Silver Age)

  9. Laughing Lass (Meaning: A female hero whose laughter has mind-controlling powers. Era: Silver Age)

  10. Sir Chucklelot (Meaning: A medieval-themed hero who uses humor as his weapon. Era: Modern)

  11. The Grin Reaper (Meaning: A grim reaper who can't help but smile while dealing with evil spirits. Era: Modern)

  12. Doctor Giggles (Meaning: A hero with a PhD in comedy, using jokes to fight crime. Era: Golden Age)

  13. The Mirth Mobile (Meaning: A hero with a tricked-out vehicle that spreads joy wherever it goes. Era: Silver Age)

  14. Mirthquake (Meaning: A hero whose laughter can create seismic disturbances. Era: Silver Age)

  15. Smiletron (Meaning: A robotic superhero programmed to bring happiness to the world. Era: Modern)

  16. Crimson Chuckler (Meaning: A hero with a red-hot sense of humor. Era: Golden Age)

  17. Laughing Leopard (Meaning: A hero with the agility and humor of a leopard. Era: Silver Age)

  18. The Jokester (Meaning: A hero who loves pranks but always uses them for good. Era: Golden Age)

  19. Smirk Knight (Meaning: A dark and brooding hero who can't help but smirk at villains' plans. Era: Modern)

  20. Chuckle Girl (Meaning: A young heroine with a contagious laugh that can uplift spirits. Era: Silver Age)

  21. Iron Giggle (Meaning: A hero with an ironclad sense of humor. Era: Golden Age)

  22. Laughing Luchador (Meaning: A masked wrestler superhero who uses comedy moves in the ring. Era: Silver Age)

  23. Chuckling Chimpanzee (Meaning: A hero with enhanced intelligence and humor, thanks to a lab experiment. Era: Modern)

  24. Baron von Guffaw (Meaning: An aristocratic hero who fights evil with a booming laugh. Era: Golden Age)

  25. Sir Smilesalot (Meaning: A medieval knight with an infectious smile. Era: Silver Age)

  26. Laugh Riot (Meaning: A hero who causes chaos for villains through hysterical laughter. Era: Golden Age)

  27. The Mirthful Magician (Meaning: A hero who uses magic tricks to confound criminals. Era: Silver Age)

  28. Smiley Specter (Meaning: A ghostly hero who can manipulate emotions through smiles and frowns. Era: Modern)

  29. Tickle Tornado (Meaning: A hero whose tornado-like tickling leaves villains helpless with laughter. Era: Silver Age)

  30. Laughing Lionheart (Meaning: A brave hero whose laughter emboldens allies. Era: Golden Age)

  31. Jesterella (Meaning: A fairytale-inspired heroine who uses comedy to defeat wicked foes. Era: Silver Age)

  32. SmirkMaster (Meaning: A hero whose smirking confidence intimidates villains. Era: Modern)

  33. Doctor Chuckleberg (Meaning: A hero with a knack for history and a comical approach to problem-solving. Era: Golden Age)

  34. The Giggling Goliath (Meaning: A giant-sized hero who uses laughter to disarm enemies. Era: Silver Age)

  35. Cheerful Cheetah (Meaning: A hero with the speed and humor of a cheetah. Era: Silver Age)

  36. Comedy Crusader (Meaning: A hero on a mission to bring joy and laughter to the world. Era: Golden Age)

  37. Laughing Lensman (Meaning: A space cop with a great sense of humor. Era: Modern)

  38. Smiling Sphinx (Meaning: A hero with riddles and smiles, inspired by Egyptian mythology. Era: Silver Age)

  39. Chuckling Centaur (Meaning: A half-human, half-horse hero who uses laughter as his weapon. Era: Modern)

  40. Merlin the Giggler (Meaning: A wizard hero whose spells induce laughter in foes. Era: Golden Age)

  41. Laughing Lynx (Meaning: A hero with the agility and cunning of a lynx. Era: Silver Age)

  42. Serious Smiles (Meaning: A hero whose serious demeanor is a foil for his humorous tactics. Era: Modern)

  43. The Hilarious Hulk (Meaning: A hero who transforms into a giant green laughter machine. Era: Modern)

  44. Gleeful Gladiator (Meaning: A warrior hero who laughs in the face of danger. Era: Golden Age)

  45. Joy Jogger (Meaning: A hero with boundless energy, spreading happiness while fighting crime. Era: Silver Age)

  46. Smile Shifter (Meaning: A shape-shifting hero who brings joy to those in need. Era: Modern)

  47. Laughing Loch Ness (Meaning: A hero inspired by Scottish folklore, spreading laughter like a mythical beast. Era: Silver Age)

  48. The Haha Hammer (Meaning: A hero whose mighty hammer causes uncontrollable laughter. Era: Golden Age)

  49. Grinning Griffin (Meaning: A hero with the powers of a griffin and a big grin. Era: Modern)

  50. Chucklemancer (Meaning: A sorcerer hero who casts spells with comedic effects. Era: Silver Age)

  51. The Hysterical Hydra (Meaning: A hero who laughs as they grow multiple heads to tackle villains. Era: Modern)

  52. Smiling Samurai (Meaning: A heroic warrior with a cheerful demeanor. Era: Silver Age)

  53. Giggle Grenadier (Meaning: A hero who hurls laughter-inducing grenades at evildoers. Era: Golden Age)

  54. Chuckling Chupacabra (Meaning: A hero inspired by Latin American folklore, spreading laughter like a legendary creature. Era: Modern)

  55. Comic Courier (Meaning: A hero with super-speed, delivering jokes along with justice. Era: Silver Age)

  56. The Merry Musketeer (Meaning: A swashbuckling hero who always finds humor in swordfights. Era: Golden Age)

  57. Guffawing Gargoyle (Meaning: A stone-like hero whose laughter echoes through the night. Era: Modern)

  58. Smiley Snowman (Meaning: A winter-themed hero spreading cheer with a carrot nose and a smile. Era: Silver Age)

  59. Laughing Leprechaun (Meaning: An Irish-inspired hero with a pot of gold and a sense of humor. Era: Golden Age)

  60. Chuckling Chrononaut (Meaning: A time-traveling hero who witnesses history's funniest moments. Era: Modern)

  61. Happy Haunter (Meaning: A hero with ghostly powers who brings joy to haunted places. Era: Silver Age)

  62. The Jovial Jester (Meaning: A court jester-turned-hero, using humor to protect the kingdom. Era: Golden Age)

  63. Snapback Smiles (Meaning: A hero with a snappy comeback and a brilliant smile. Era: Modern)

  64. Grinning Gorgon (Meaning: A hero whose grin turns evildoers into stone. Era: Silver Age)

  65. Chucklehound (Meaning: A hero with a keen sense of smell, tracking villains with a laugh. Era: Golden Age)

  66. The Giddy Golem (Meaning: A mystical hero brought to life with laughter. Era: Modern)

  67. Laughing Lamplighter (Meaning: A hero who illuminates the city with laughter and joy. Era: Silver Age)

  68. Captain Comedian (Meaning: A hero with the power to make anyone laugh, even villains. Era: Golden Age)

  69. Jolly Juggernaut (Meaning: A massive hero whose laughter is unstoppable. Era: Modern)

  70. Chuckles the Enigma (Meaning: A mysterious hero with a perplexing sense of humor. Era: Silver Age)

  71. Smile-Stealer (Meaning: A hero who turns the tables on villains, stealing their frowns and leaving them laughing. Era: Modern)

  72. The Merriment Machine (Meaning: A hero with a gadget-filled suit, spreading joy and laughter. Era: Golden Age)

  73. Giggle Geisha (Meaning: A Japanese-inspired hero who uses laughter as an art form. Era: Silver Age)

  74. Tickle Titan (Meaning: A hero whose tickling power makes villains surrender with laughter. Era: Modern)

  75. Happy Houdini (Meaning: A magician hero who escapes any situation with a smile. Era: Golden Age)

  76. Guffaw Guardian (Meaning: A hero with a booming laugh that echoes across the city. Era: Modern)

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